Social Services

How social services can help:

Social workers work throughout the Mayo Clinic Health System--from Home Care and Hospice to Hospital departments including dialysis, transitional care units and nursing homes. Social workers help patients before, during, and after a hospital visit. Their services are important because they help patients and families cope with injury, illness and other health changes and life events. Coping with these changes can be very difficult and have an impact on the whole family system. Social workers provide patients and their families with support and help with arrangements. Social workers are an integral part of the health care team and coordinate needed services to help ensure quality care for all patients.

Referral and assistance, help with financial arrangements, advance directives, and helping patients deal with emotional concerns related to long term illness and rehabilitation, terminal illness, alcohol or other substance abuse problems, mental illness, abuse and discharge planning, are just some of the services that social workers provide.

For more information, call Social Services at 715-537-3186.