Outpatient Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Cardiac Rehabilitation is designed to help you maintain a healthier heart through supervised exercise sessions and health education. Rehab consists of impatient and outpatient programs including Phase I through Phase IV. Your physician will refer you to the program.

Anticoagulation Clinic: Monitors cardiovascular patients who are receiving anticoagulation drug therapy, such as Coumadin. Anticoagulants reduce the blood's ability to form clots and are important treatment regimen for arterial fibrillation and mechanical valve patients. Lab values are monitored every three to five weeks. Clinics are held in the St. Olaf Pharmacy by pharmacists with assistance from a registered nurse.

Drug Therapy: Used to control certain cardiovascular conditions, for example high blood pressure, angina, cardiac arrhythmia and congestive heart failure.

Tobacco Cessation Program: Combination of patient education, assessment and nicotine replacement prescriptions directed by a pharmacist to help patients stop tobacco use and smoking. The Clinic is located in the Pharmacy and program participates are monitored over a six month period via the telephone.

Nutrition Services: Dietitians are available to assist in dietary analysis, menu planning, reading food labels and provide guidelines for grocery shopping and eating out.

Patient Education: The Heart Center provides patient education in all of the above programs. The Patient Education Resource Center is located across form the customer service area just past the main lobby at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin. The Resource Center is open to the public.

Lipid Clinic: The Lipid Clinic provides individualized management of cholesterol levels and cardiac risk factors in a consistent and cost effective manner to better improve your cardiovascular health. Your primary care provider will refer you to the program.