Lipid Clinic

The Lipid Clinic is for adults who have been diagnosed with hyperlipidemia. An initial assessment is done to evaluate current lifestyle habits and cardiac risk factors. Treatment recommendations are developed based on the cholesterol goals that have been determined by the National Cholesterol Education program (NCEP). You will work with the Lipid Clinic Nurse Practitioner in developing a plan that is specific for you and your needs to bring your cholesterol levels to goal. The frequency of follow-up varies from every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on lifestyle modification needs, patient motivation, cardiovascular risks, and ability to get to cholesterol to goal. Patients reaching cholesterol goal will then be followed on a maintenance schedule of every 3-6 months depending on pharmacological treatment.


  • Measurement of blood lipids, blood glucose, and liver enzymes
  • A review of medical and family history with screening for secondary causes of high cholesterol.
  • An explanation of lipid profile results and determination of specific cholesterol level goals based on risk factors and NCEP guidelines.
  • Dietary assessment and counseling on low- fat, low-cholesterol/ high fiber eating.
  • Determination of current body mass index, goal body mass index and goal for weight management.
  • An individualized aerobic exercise program.
  • Lipid lowering medication initiation, adjustments, and education as necessary.
  • Tracking of your progress in controlling your cholesterol and cardiac risk factors.
  • Long term monitoring of cholesterol levels and relevant therapy(such as diet, exercise, and effects of lipid medication).
  • Progress reports to the patient's family physician.

Most insurance, health maintenance organizations and government plans will cover the program's cost if your primary physician or cardiologists refer you. Questions should be directed to your specific insurance provider.

Your physician will refer you to the Lipid Clinic.

Additional Information
The Lipid Clinic is located on the second floor of Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin. For more information about the Lipid Clinic, call 507-434-1262.