Give to Fountain Centers

Donated funds to Fountain Centers are directed toward a patient support fund, scholarships for those entering the field and for future development.

Funds donated in 2012 totaled over $13,000 and were directed to the Patient Support Fund, Future Development Fund and Recovery Support Services. The generosity of those that donated is greatly appreciated and used to benefit the patient.

Please consider contributing today by following the instructions included in the Fountain Centers Donation Form.

Donations can be directed to any of the following:

Garth Barker Memorial Scholarship Program:

The Garth Barker Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Fountain Centers director Garth Barker, who passed away in 2007. It provides financial aid to individuals who wish to continue their education in the field of chemical dependency counseling.

Garth was committed to helping chemically dependent people begin a life of recovery and was a great supporter of individuals with an interest in and aptitude for counseling. The Scholarship Fund continues to offer that support in a tangible way. There is a shortage of qualified counselors and we believe incentives such as this will encourage people to consider the counseling profession.

Dr. Mark Donaldson Patient Support Fund:

The Dr. Mark Donaldson Patient Support Fund was established to assist clients whose financial situations prevent them from receiving chemical dependency treatment. Funds are used for eligible clients or their family members to help with treatment costs or other necessary support items or services.

The Fund accepts contributions from individuals, groups, or corporations in the form of general donations, memorials, or commemorations of special people or events.

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