Adult women residential program

We are attentive to the unique needs of women, including those who may have experienced trauma or abuse in their lives, and use treatment interventions to ease distress and support emotional and spiritual growth. Our primary goal is to restore hope and healing to those with alcohol and other drug problems and their families.  We focus on making our program safe and supportive for those seeking to overcome alcohol and drug use problems with all of our staff trained to support a culture of healing and recovery. 
Facts about Fountain Centers

Since 1974, Fountain Centers has offered specialized treatment services for adult women and their families with alcohol and other drug problems. The program offers a separate living environment just for women. Licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and accredited by The Joint Commission, Fountain Centers is also certified by the Department of Human Services as a provider for those with co-occurring mental health and medical problems.

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Residential Treatment Location

408 W. Fountain St.

Albert Lea, MN 56007


Admissions may be arranged

by calling 507-377-6411

or 1-800-533-1616

Fax: 507-377-6443

Monday through Friday

between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.