Mayo Clinic Opens Family Medicine Office in Waycross

September 27, 2012

Family Medicine is now available through Mayo Clinic Health System in Waycross with the recent opening of a new primary care office at 808 Beacon Street. All aspects of primary care, from basic physicals and wellness exams to chronic disease management, are available at the office.

“The opening of our new primary care office provides Southeast Georgia residents an entryway into the Mayo Clinic system, which is known worldwide for excellent health care and putting the needs of the patient first,” said Kenneth Calamia, M.D., chief executive officer of Mayo Clinic Health System in Waycross. “Through this office, patients will be able to develop life-long relationships with Mayo Clinic and have all of their medical needs met through one cohesive organization.”

One of the biggest advantages to patients is having access to the vast health resources available through Mayo Clinic, known as the Mayo model of integrated care.  For example, while many specialties are available at Mayo Clinic’s hospital in Waycross, Mayo has ready access to more complicated specialties, such as organ transplantation, through its locations either nearby in Jacksonville, Fla., or if needed, at their campuses in Minnesota or Arizona.

“As Mayo physicians, we can literally pick up the phone and refer patients to the right sub-specialist within the Mayo system,” said Nosheen Azam, M.D., one of three board-certified physicians who staff the office.  This helps expedite patient care by eliminating the need to start all over again with a different medical facility. “Before a patient even arrives for their referral, Mayo specialists will already have detailed information about their condition, giving them a head start on their treatment,” says Dr. Azam.

Primary care is the next step in Mayo Clinic’s desire to transform the delivery of health care in southeast Georgia. In March 2012, Mayo Clinic and Satilla Health Services integrated to form Mayo Clinic Health System in Waycross. Now, local residents can also benefit from Mayo Clinic’s access to research, clinical trials, telemedicine and advanced medical technology.  Many of these services were not available locally before the integration.

Mayo Clinic’s promise to put the needs of the patient first is exemplified by the amount of quality time each patient spends face-to-face with a physician. The office sees a limited number of patients each day to ensure each one gets individual attention.

“We feel it’s important to give each patient an appropriate amount of one-on-one time to review their history, go over medications and come up with a care plan," said Jeff Dowis, M.D. “We don’t want our patients to feel rushed.” Every patient will see one of the three physicians on the first appointment. 

The focus at the office is on preventive care and wellness. “We can help patients manage their health conditions, but more importantly, we want to help them stay healthy in the first place. Our goal is to help people live healthy lifestyles,” said Muhammad Akram, M.D., M.P.H., who will see patients part-time at the new practice. With that in mind, Dr. Akram will host a variety of local health workshops to help educate the community about the importance of preventive care and wellness.

Mayo’s Family Medicine office accepts most insurance plans.  To schedule an appointment, call 912-490-0722.

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