Community Garden Plots

May 01, 2011

Mayo Clinic Health System in Onalaska is working with the City of Onalaska Parks and Recreation Department and the Hmong Cultural Center to bring a community garden to Onalaska. The garden is located directly adjacent to the clinic on Theater Road.

“I was impressed with the idea of a community garden,” said Parks and Recreation Director, Dan Wick. “The City’s participation in this project speaks to the value placed on sustainability and collaborative partnerships. This is how we make our community a better place for everyone.”

“This is a great use of the land,” said Mike Brown, Director for Spiritual Care for Mayo Clinic Health System. “The Hmong community has already demonstrated a deep commitment to the garden, with plots planted and being well tended. Volunteers have also been working to lay out additional plots. We are hoping that other citizens will come forward and help us to make this garden a success story. This is a project that benefits everyone.”

There is list of rules and guidelines that gardeners sign, one of which is a commitment to donate 10% of what their garden produces to a local food bank.

“This is one way to pay this forward,” said Brown, “a way to give to the less fortunate, a way to give back to the community. We are hoping to see people come back year after year.”

Plots are for lease through the Onalaska Parks and Recreation Department located in the Onalaska City Hall building at 415 Main Street. The yearly $30.00 fee for leasing the 12’X20’ plots will be donated to the Hmong Youth and Elder Project. Those interested in leasing a plot should contact Mike Brown at 608-780-4292.

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