Computer monitors benefit Lincoln High School students in Lake City

October 31, 2016

LAKE CITY, Minn. — Lincoln High School students who use the Computer, Animated Design (CAD) lab have better monitors to use. Mayo Clinic Health System in Lake City recently donated 30 flat screen monitors to Lake City Public Schools, replacing the district’s decade old monitors. “The monitors adjust and rotate. Some of them also have sound capabilities for the animated portion of the student projects,” says Jim Borgschatz, Bluff View Elementary principal who accepted the monitors on the district’s behalf. “Lake City Public Schools is very thankful for the donation.”  Mayo Clinic Health System replaced the donated monitors with higher resolution ones to support a new electronic health record being implemented across all of Mayo Clinic beginning in 2017. “We have donated computer equipment to the school in the past. We sometimes have to upgrade equipment to maintain compatibility with information security standards or advances in technology and treatment. This can leave us with otherwise good equipment we can no longer use. We’re glad the monitors can still provide benefit to the community,” says Trevor Coons, operations manager, Mayo Clinic Health System in Lake City.

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