Fairmont invests more than $360,000 in Radiology and Imaging

March 11, 2016

Digital X-ray in FairmontFAIRMONT, Minn. — Over the course of the last year, Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont has enhanced its radiology and imaging capabilities through an investment in new equipment. All told, the upgrades cost nearly $365,000.

New additions and improvements include:

  • Digital general X-ray room, which allows staff to produce and view digital X-rays quickly
  • General X-ray room
  • MRI foot/ankle coil to support patients’ lower extremities more comfortably during MRIs
  • Four new ceiling lifts for safer patient movement
  • Nuclear medicine dose calibrator
  • Ultrasound machine with two scanning probes, producing better image quality

“This is top-of-the-line equipment, which helps us provide the best care for our patients and create more efficiency for our employees,” says Meghan Vollbrecht, radiology manager at Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont. “Digital imaging technology results in instant image acquisition and display. This ensures accuracy of imagery and more precise services for our patients.”

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