Planning for a new Cannon Falls medical center continues

October 10, 2012

Mayo Clinic Health System in Cannon Falls continues to develop plans to build a new, state-of-the-art medical center off Highway 52 on the south side of the city.  With much of the initial planning done, the project is moving into the next phase which includes identifying sources of funding for the construction.

Mayo Clinic and the community of Cannon Falls will need to partner in funding the new facility. “During this phase of planning, it will be critical to have community involvement.  The total project cost is expected to be around $30 million, with $10 million of that coming from local sources. We are close to our goal but still have $3.2 million to raise locally,” says Tom Witt, M.D., CEO of Mayo Clinic Health System locations in Cannon Falls, Lake City and Red Wing.  The project cannot move forward until all funding has been identified.

Kathy Brekken, past co-owner, CEO and president of Midwest of Cannon Falls, will lead the community capital campaign. Eight other community leaders will work with Brekken on the campaign. They include: Ted Bailey, retired; Dennis Brekken, retired; Paul Bringgold, retired former owner of 1st National Bank; Greg Evans, Merchants Bank; Jeromy Mouw, Edward Jones; Mark Sjoquist, Vasa Spring Garden Mutual Insurance Co.; and Greg Wulf, 1st Farmers and Merchants Bank and White Rock Bank.

“The current facility has served the community well since it was built in 1958 by the community, but the picture of health care in Cannon Falls and beyond has changed dramatically in the last 54 years and it requires a different kind of medical center,” says Dr. Witt.

Once all the funding sources have been identified, the project will move into a final phase, where review of more detailed planning will take place, ahead of final approvals.

Benefits of the planned new facility go beyond the continued presence of dependable, high-quality health care. They include:

  • Increased access to emergency care in time-sensitive, life-threatening situations
  • Attraction of new patients from Cannon Falls and neighboring communities
  • Stronger viability of Cannon Falls as an attractive community to live and raise a family
  • Employment opportunities at the expanded medical center, including attracting high-quality staff who would like to work in a new facility
  • Overall positive impact on economic growth in the region
  • More opportunities to share resources and work collaboratively with other Mayo Clinic Health System locations nearby, such as Lake City and Red Wing
  • More streamlined access to Mayo Clinic when needed

“The vision is to provide high-quality primary care close to home, including adding more specialty services, with access to expert specialty care when needed,” adds Dr. Witt.

“We have an extremely dedicated staff in Cannon Falls who care about our community. They are passionate about delivering the very best health care to their neighbors, family and friends,” Dr. Witt continues. “This project will provide the facility and the setting to allow our staff to meet our community’s expectations for local, high-quality care.”

Proposed new facility features

Room to serve patients. When finished, the new medical center will be 80,000 to 90,000 square feet in a single facility. It will replace the current hospital, clinic, modular building and adjacent homes in use today, which are a combined 35,000 square feet.

A broad range of clinical services. Outpatient services will include primary care, orthopedics, cardiology, urology, podiatry, otolaryngology (ENT) and general surgery.

Additional surgical space and services. A new operating room will be double the size of the current space, along with an adjacent endoscopy suite for minimally invasive procedures. Surgical service lines will include orthopedics, podiatry, urology, otolaryngology (ENT), ophthalmology, endoscopy and general surgery.

Expanded emergency services. The Emergency Department will continue serving patients in a larger space designed to accommodate projected need well into the future. It will feature five state-of-the-art patient treatment rooms, and will include a comfortable waiting area for patients and families.

New space and equipment to aid recovery. Rehabilitation Services will have the room to add necessary rehabilitation equipment for patients needing physical and occupational therapy or cardiac rehabilitation following an illness or surgery, including patients in Mayo Transitional Care.

Land for expansion. The medical center will be built on a 51-acre site to accommodate future growth and new services.
Convenient location. The site, which is on the south side of Cannon Falls off Highway 52, is adjacent to city services and the new highway interchange, offering easy access, high visibility, attractive views and convenient parking.

Patient privacy. The new hospital will have 15 private rooms for inpatient care with ample space for families and visitors. Registration and public areas will be designed to accommodate patient privacy and comfort.

The latest medical technology. The new clinic will be built to accommodate state-of-the-art medical equipment needed to provide safe and efficient diagnostic and treatment services. This equipment will support both inpatient and outpatient care, and will help providers deliver new models of health care, such as long-distance in-room consultation with experts at Mayo Clinic and remote monitoring of acutely ill patients.

Comfort and support behind the scenes. The building will feature the latest in data, electrical, ventilation, heating and cooling systems to support the medical technology critical to providing health care of the highest quality.

Attractive and serene spaces. The entire facility is designed to create a healing and healthy environment. The building’s interior and exterior spaces will be comfortable, bright, warm and welcoming.

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