First week of operation goes smoothly in new Mayo Clinic Health System facility in Cannon Falls

August 12, 2014

CANNON FALLS, Minn. — Transition from the old facility on Mill Street to the new building on County 24 Blvd. in Cannon Falls has gone smoothly according to officials at Mayo Clinic Health System. All operations are now under the new roof.

“The move into the new medical center went extremely well,” says Bill Priest, operations administrator in Cannon Falls. “We are grateful to our staff for their dedication and excellent efforts to ensure a smooth process for patients. We’re very excited to offer comprehensive health care in the new facility for generations to come.”

All clinic, lab and rehabilitation appointments began Monday, Aug. 4. The hospital and Emergency Department began operations Aug. 7 at Noon.

In the first full week of operations, there were 363 patient visits in the clinic. As of Aug. 10, there were 42 patients seen in the Emergency Department and five patients admitted to the hospital. Three patients were transferred from the former facility to the new site.

One of the transferred patients seen in the new facility on Aug. 7 was Ruth Stene, a transitional care patient who had her foot amputated in Rochester but is receiving post-surgery care in Cannon Falls, where her family lives. Both her daughter, Dawn Woodward, and granddaughter, Amanda Woodward, are employed at the medical center.

“This place is just extraordinary, beyond words and they couldn’t have chosen a better view,” says Stene. Everyone has been so nice. The community is lucky to have this.”

The new facility is located at 32031 County 24 Blvd. in Cannon Falls. To schedule an appointment call 507-263-6001.

Ruth Stene_firstpatient

Ruth Stene with granddaughter Amanda Woodward (L)
and daughter Dawn Woodward (R).


Front view of new facility in Cannon Falls.

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