Dirckx family counts on Mayo Clinic connection

January 28, 2013

Greg Dirckx remembers his father travelling from Marshall, Minn., for care at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. With four generations and his wife Judy’s Nebraska family using the clinic, Greg knows Mayo Clinic Health System in Cannon Falls is a community asset. “The convenience of having that connection to Mayo right here in our community, where we don’t have to travel, is a big part of what makes our community so attractive,” says Greg. “My father travelled a long way, but my children and grandchildren and Judy and I can go just down the street.”

Members of the Cannon Falls community for over 20 years, Greg and Judy Dirckx love the town they chose to call home. “It’s a very vibrant community,” says Judy. “It didn’t get that way accidentally; the people have made it what it is.” The Dirckx’s saw the campaign for a new medical center as a way to give back to the community that has given them so much. One day, they hope their grandchildren can talk about future generations served by the upgraded facility. Greg and Judy see the community campaign as a way to ensure that Cannon Falls remains the growing and friendly community they saw for their family decades ago.

The Dirckx are among many Cannon Falls families providing support to supplement funds from Mayo Clinic. Because Mayo has provided the majority of funds, only $2.1 million remains to raise locally. “We are using a five year timeframe for our pledge,” says Greg. “I think that’s really helpful for many people, allows them to give a little more and plan how they want to give back. There are many pledge options.” Cannon Falls community involvement and funding brought the current medical center to town initially in the late 1950s, and families like the Dirckx are once again critical to ensuring families have continued access to exceptional health care.

Greg and Judy know the importance of quality, affordable hometown health care to a town’s prosperity. “Living in this town, you get to know a lot of the medical center staff. They are your friends, and you know the people who are taking care of you,” says Greg. “This project supports your family and neighbors.”

“This is simply a way to invest and give back to your community,” says Judy.


Greg and Judy Dirckx


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