Construction on new facility for Mayo makes progress despite cold weather

January 21, 2014

CANNON FALLS, Minn — In weather that’s as cold as -20 F, many things freeze up. But, construction on the new 88,000 square-foot medical facility for Mayo Clinic Health System is heating up with focus on interior work, such as installation of drywall and heavy equipment.

“The cold weather has held us up a little bit with some exterior work, but the interior work is going extremely well,” says Josh Sherry, project manager for Boldt Construction. Boldt has been managing the building project since breaking ground last April.

With several propane heaters located throughout the building, crews are able to work on mechanical, electrical and plumbing on all three levels. Drywall installation began the week of Jan. 6. On average, more than 90 workers are on site each weekday.

Ten truckloads of air handler equipment were brought in and are being installed. Air handlers are used to condition and circulate air through heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

Glass installation and window framing will begin as the weather allows. By the end of January, all exterior work, excluding the brick siding, is expected to be complete.

In the new medical center, patients and visitors can expect an improved overall experience beyond the continued presence of dependable, high-quality health care. The new facility will have three-times more space than the current building, allowing Mayo Clinic Health System to expand primary and specialty services, improve privacy and add new technology. Health care teams will be able to collaborate more easily to meet patient needs. Construction of the new facility is expected to be finished in summer of 2014 while the grand opening is anticipated in the fall.


Pink insulation and a black vapor barrier temporarily decorate the exterior of the new facility for Mayo Clinic Health System in Cannon Falls. Crews are mainly working on interior construction during the winter months.

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