Therapy Department Remodel Begins

November 02, 2011

Mayo Clinic Health System in Arcadia has begun construction to enlarge the therapy department on the lower level of the current nursing facility.

The project, supported by the Franciscan Healthcare Foundation-Arcadia, will create more space for the rehabilitation professionals to provide services for both nursing home residents and the community. The number of therapy department staff has grown from three to up to ten since August.

The larger space will provide for more privacy to allow residents and patients to concentrate on their own progress.
The renovations include adding equipment such as parallel bars, creating an outpatient entrance with reception area and dedicated Occupational Therapy space. The Occupational Therapy area will include a kitchen for patients to concentrate on home going needs.

“As the nursing home’s acute care program continues to grow, therapy is an essential component to the success of short term residents attaining their goals and returning home safely and in a timely manner,” said Dr. Bert Hodous of Mayo Clinic Health System in Arcadia.

Roughly 65 percent of the patients admitted to the nursing home have been able to return home. Therapy is a strong component in making this a reality for our local community members.

The project is expected to be complete in six to eight weeks.


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