Flu Q and A

Posted by Mayo Clinic staff
January 14, 2014

Q. How do you prevent the flu?

A. First and foremost, have an immunization. Focus on proper hand washing and avoid crowded areas whenever possible as well.

Q. What are flu symptoms?

A. Sometimes it can be hard to tell because other illnesses can have similar symptoms. But health care providers typically notice a trend of intense muscle aches, high fever and a feeling of being completely wiped out. Flu can also include a cough and other respiratory symptoms.

It’s important to note that influenza and what some refer to as the “stomach flu” are wholly different illnesses. The “stomach flu” is actually a form of gastroenteritis, which causes vomiting, stomach cramping and diarrhea. Influenza is a potentially deadly respiratory illness.

Q. How do you treat the flu?

A. If someone is suffering a great deal or weakened, health care providers recommend viral medications. Pill and inhalant forms exist, but both are prescription medications – not over-the-counter drugs.
Bed rest and plenty of fluids are basic ways to overcome the flu.

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