Nicholas David sings to Mayo Clinic Health System patient

September 17, 2013


"Oh my gosh," was the first thing out of Eileen Lillis’ mouth when Nicholas David, a finalist on season 3 of NBC’s "The Voice," walked into her room at Mayo Clinic Health System in Lake City on the afternoon of Sept. 17.

Lillis, is from Detroit Lakes, Minn. and came to Lake City for transitional care. She is currently receiving end-of-life care. 

"My mom is a fan of 'The Voice' and a huge fan of Nicholas'," says Jeff Grasto, Lillis’ son. "Now that she is in hospice care I knew how much it would mean to her to hear Nicholas sing. She loves his soulful music. She even calls him her 'Minnesota Jesus'."

Grasto contacted David through his website and arranged the visit through his agent with the help of Deb Schmidt, Nursing, who is the care management coordinator at the medical center.

David sang "You Are So Beautiful" and "Stand By Me" to Lillis, who was surrounded by family.

David was leaving on tour right after his visit. His first stop will be Nashville, Tenn. 

"His visit is a gift from God," says Lillis. "I cheered for him, I wanted him to win ['The Voice']. I can’t believe he was here, it is just awesome."

"We are so grateful to Nicholas," Grasto shares. "There aren’t enough words to thank him."

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Comments (55)

Such a cool dude...

jsk - 09/27/2014

Wow!!!!! It is so nice to know that there are still down to earth people who are good hearted. I was a fan before but now even a bigger fan! I do not know this sweet lady on this video but my heart goes out to you and youfamily, and you are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

paula gillis - 10/01/2013

What a beautiful video. It was wonderful to see your excitement as Nicholas entered your room. It reminded me of the Home Interior meetings we had. You made every meeting exciting by your bubbly, positive personality. You made each of us feel important in life. You are so deserving of one more "feel good day". Thank you,Jeff, for giving your Mom such a special gift. I will keep you, Eileen, and your family in my prayers.

Luaine Warling - 09/26/2013

That's my aunty Eileeny. In my heart I can feel your strong heart felt hug. Thank you to Minnesota Jesus. I LOVE YOU AUNTY!!!

Jimmy Gamache - 09/25/2013

A special man in deed, with a special gift. Love his voice. Praying for Eileen.

Huber - 09/25/2013

Eileen, Beautiful in so many ways!!, you're in our thoughts and prayers always.

Laurie & Ole - 09/25/2013

What a beautiful way to make Eileen's day. She is and always will be a beautiful person. Blessings to Eileen and her family.

Harriet Sshammer - 09/25/2013

Way to go family, to make the arrangements...congratulations, Nicholas, for sharing your gift.

Mary Ann - 09/22/2013

Very heartfelt video! Your in my prayers Eileen!!

Pete Hedman - 09/22/2013

Her elated reaction alone made me tear up. Beautiful.

Anne - 09/22/2013

what a gracious man. the world needs many more.

phyllis - 09/22/2013

That was a very heart felt video! You are in my prayers eileen...

Pete Hedman - 09/20/2013

What a beautiful and heart warming story. There are many more nice people in the world than not, we just don't hear about them enough. Love and prayers to you Eileen and to your family.

Ginger Marien - 09/19/2013

Absolutely a perfect song for you ,my friend!! Love you so very much! Nicholas is top notch! Yay!

- 09/19/2013

BEAUTIFUL Eileen! I am so happy for you, God bless you and your family!!!

DeAnna - 09/19/2013

Absolutely beautiful. I love Nicholas' voice and enjoyed him so much on The Voice. God bless him for doing this for this dear lady.

Cindy - 09/19/2013

Such an appropriate song for a beautiful woman; inside and out. You and your family are in my prayers every. Love you a bunch!

Kathy Simison - 09/19/2013

What a beautiful moment for a beautiful person. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Eileen. Karl

Karl Dobmeier - 09/19/2013

Eileen is such an angel; it is so fitting that she would receive this visit from "Minnesota Jesus"! I admire Nicholas David for the kindness and compassion he shared with Eileen and her family. May he be an example to all of us.

Christy - 09/19/2013

How wonderful for the patient to experience pure bliss at this difficult time in her life-kudos for making this happen!

Kim - 09/19/2013

What a wonderful man Nicholas David is to make a beautiful woman so happy. God bless you Eileen and all of your family. You are loved by many.

Jane Parker - 09/18/2013

What a wonderful man Nicholas David is to make a beautiful lady very happy. God bless you Eileen and all of your family. You are loved by many.

Jane Parker - 09/18/2013

What a perfect surprise for Eileen. The neighbor who always makes us laugh> We love you and there's not a day goes by that I'm not thinking of you. Love, Shan and Rick

Shan Manke - 09/18/2013

If only everyone had that much love and good will to spread. Love love love.

Melanie Worrall - 09/18/2013

Eileen, what a fitting song.....You are so beautiful to so many. Your one classy gal and Mr. David is one special man, what a gift you were given and we are thankful it was shared. ?? ? ?

Kay Reinke - 09/18/2013

Well Eileen wasn't that a pleasant treat. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers... God be with you all, Cathy Batman

Cathy G. Batman - 09/18/2013

Hi Eileen, yes it's us, how awesome was that! We think of you lots and pray you are doing ok. I bet Minnesota Jesus has no idea what that meant to you like the ad says put a price on that!! Was good to hear you squealing with excitement when he walked in. May God be with you today and always!

Jack and Donna - 09/18/2013

I loved this man on The Voice and it just reconfirms his genuine caring for the common folks, like him! God Bless Eileen and family...prayers from Lake Havasu City AZ.

mike sondrol - 09/18/2013

"The Voice" missed the boat when Nickolas wasn't selected to win. he is awesome.

mary haney - 09/18/2013

What a sweet man for doing this for you .May you have many more blessings on this journey.J SNELL R.N Pall Care

Judith Snell - 09/18/2013

Thank you Nicholas David & Mayo Clinic Health Systems! Great story. Thank you for sharing this story about my neighbor. Bless you ,Eileen.

Kate Hedman - 09/18/2013

Eileen is indeed a very special person. She has spent a lot of time at the Silver Birch in DL where my Mom lives. She is missing Eileen.

Ilene Maloney - 09/18/2013

What a beautiful gift for a wonderful lady. God bless you, Eileen! Thank you Nicholas David!!

Deanna Sinclair - 09/18/2013

Thank you Nicholas David. Eileen is a dear friend of mine. You couldn't have done this for a more deserving woman. Her whole life she has always thought of others first! God bless Nicholas David and God Bless you Eileen.

LuAnn Porter - 09/18/2013

We pray for you Eileen and we keep you all in our hearts.

Erin and Ron Krog - 09/18/2013

What a wonderful thing to do! Was a fan of Nicholas' on the Voice, and am an even bigger fan after this.

Jen - 09/18/2013

I knew he was super special!!!!

Valerie - 09/18/2013

Eileen - glad Nicholas David was able to do this for you. He is awesome and you are one awesome sister-in-law who deserves this special gift and happiness. Love you and a BIG THANKS to a wonderful person and musician and an awesome son-in-law for arranging this.

JoAnne L - 09/18/2013

Good bless you!!!

Wis Manuel - 09/18/2013

This was absolutely the grwatest thing I've ever seen! I am so thankful for the staff and my family and Nicholas David to take time out of his day to make my grandmother the happiest woman on earth. I am still in tears! Thank you everyone!!!!

Christin Stringfellow - 09/18/2013

This brought tears to my eyes I also love Nicholas David I have been a fan since day 1. He definitely is a very special person with a great heart.

Nancy Dutler - 09/18/2013

This brought tears to my eyes I also love Nicholas David I have been a fan since day 1. He definitely is a very special person with a great heart.

Nancy Dutler - 09/18/2013

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

Karlene Tutewohl - 09/18/2013

Nicholas David with his song lifted the spirits of Eileen, and her family. Their was a spirit of celebration when he left, which was exactly what the whole family needed. I'm his number one fan now!

Deb Schmidt - 09/18/2013

Lake City is a wonderful facility. I spent several months here last fall, as I recovered from a death defying infection. All the staff was fabulous and made my stay there feel as close to home as a hospital can be. Thanks to everyone there.

Stephanie Hanson - 09/18/2013

I'm in tears-so sweet!

katrina griffing - 09/18/2013

More artists should be using their talent to lift the spirits of the sick, poor, desolate, imprisoned, etc., like Nicholas just did. A dollar value can't even be placed on what he just did for this woman! This truly tells a lot of the character of Nicholas. God be with him!

Michel Breza - 09/17/2013

That is just awesome!

Sue - 09/17/2013

how wonderful. thankyou for putting this to the public. we hear so much negativity on the news. there is so much good in this world, thankyou thankyou thankyou. God bless you Eileen and family.

janet - 09/17/2013

What a wonderful "surprise" for this dear lady. Mr. David is to be applauded for kindness. Great Medical Center and insightful staff to make this possible for her. Goes" beyond" in the healing process. Great story !!!

Linda Ordorff - 09/17/2013

what a wonderful story! way to make her day! Nicholas has such a wonderful voice, yes minnesota Jesus! God Bless you Eileen!

Cindi - 09/17/2013

what a wonderful story! way to make her day! Nicholas has such a wonderful voice, yes minnesota Jesus! God Bless you Eileen!

Cindi - 09/17/2013

Happy moments for the time of need to cheer this women God bless her.

Rosemarie Okonski - 09/17/2013

How sweet of this moment ...good for her.

diana - 09/17/2013

Absolutely, beautiful....Thank you for sharing

Pedro Rivera - 09/17/2013

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